Wednesday, 15 May 2013

British backpacker wrestles shark on Bondi Beach

British backpacker wrestles shark on Bondi Beach

A British backpacker came to the rescue of an 8ft shark that was stranded on a crowded Australian beach - and has been hailed as a hero for his efforts.

The Mirror reports that Richard O'Malley, 22, saw that the shark was become distressed as it was reeled in by a fisherman in the shallows of Bondi Beach.

He then stepped in to help, grabbing the shark by the tail and pulling it into deep water before setting it free. He was helped by the fisherman who had been trying to catch it.

Richard's dad Denis told Wales Online: "He was on Bondi Beach at the same time a fisherman was in the sea using one of those big long rods trying to get a catch.

"The next thing, this fisherman started struggling and this shark appeared on the beach. A crowd gathered and the shark became distressed. It was at that point that Richard got involved.

"He thought 'I'm not having any of that' and went over to tell the fisherman to put the shark back.

"He grabbed the shark's tail and there was a big of a struggle, but the crowd were on Richard's side and eventually they both agreed to put the shark back in the sea.

"Everyone was cheering and Richard was a bit of a hero. If he hadn't been there I don't think the shark would have been rescued."

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