Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sexy or shameful? Should Bondi have been rated as one of the world's sexiest beach

TRAVEL website Just Luxe thinks Bondi rates in the top 12 most sexy beaches in the world. The inclusion of Sydney's iconic beach ruffled a few feathers in the news.com.au office this morning. Here's our arguments for and against Bondi Beach, Sydney. Is this Australia?s sexiest beach?

Tell us below which side you stand on. Then tell us which beaches you think are WORSE than Bondi.
Bondi is NOT sexy.
By Alison Godfrey
BONDI Beach is concrete, graffiti, loud cars, and the stench of last night's vomit and urine. Sure, it's Australia's most popular beach, but the most sexy? No.
Sexy is beautiful, intimate, unspoilt. Sexy doesn't assault the senses - it arouses them.
Sexy is not a place where you can get a kebab and a deep fried Mars Bar. It is not a place where souped-up cars blaring loud music pass teenagers scribbling out a graffiti tag on a skate ramp and drunk 20-somethings take turns to puke over the cold metal railing onto the beach.
To say Bondi is Australia's most sexy beach is lazy. There are more beautiful and sexy beaches in Australia but they're not as well-known. Take a walk around the headland from Bondi and you will find Tamarama - known locally as Glamourama. Here curved sandstone cliffs drop down to white sand. It's small, intimate, and definitely more sexy than Bondi.
Queensland's Lizard Island, Victoria' Gibson's Steps, Cape Peron in Shark Bay WA. These are beaches that are definitely sexy.
What Luxe Travel has done wrong is to link sexy to celebrity. Sure Bondi has celebrities but the beach itself is not sexy. And it only has "larger than live waves" on a good day.
Let's talk about sex, Bondi.
By Jenni Ryall
Confidence is sexy.
Just ask Bondi.
You don't become a tourist must-see, home to dozens of celebrities and the star of at least five television shows without some serious sex appeal.
Sexy locals throw away thousands of dollars in rent a month just to be near you. Sexy men grow beards and wear top hats just to be seen with you. Sexy internationals drink in your honour just to write home about you. Sexy wannabes work out twenty hours a day just to be on you. Did I mention sexy?
Surfer's Paradise, you may be hot and dirty but I can't take you home to my mother. Bells Beach, you may be the down-to-earth man of my dreams, but I'm not ready for children.
Kelly Slater has surfed it. The colour of the 1998 iMac is named after it. Lara Bingle has flashed it. James Packer splashes his millions there. Pamela Anderson has jogged baywatch-style along it. Even Miss Russia says it is sexy as hell.
If you can't handle the heat, head directly south to Cronulla. Lauren Eagle thinks it's sexy.
Bondi has worked hard to get the 'sexiest' title. In 1951, the beach made international waves when the American movie actress Jean Parker stripped off to a tiny polka-dot bikini. Well, a tiny bikini any way and was escorted off the beach. Thanks to Jean making her revealing stand, women can now hang out there half naked. Male sources confirm this is indeed sexy.
Even when it was filthy it was sexy. In the 1980s, the Astra hotel was a notorious rockstar hangout. INXS and Hunters and Collectors were regulars. Bondi had hipsters before it knew what hipsters were. Now today's subculture kids can be seen rubbing shoulders with the muscle-beach regulars and tanned, fit beauties. How's that for oozing sexual culture.
So grab your soy, skim latte and potter on down to the grassy knoll. If you don't feel like the sexiest person on Earth now, I'm afraid you never will. Best to stay in Glenelg. I hear it's nice this time of year.
Tell us below which side you stand on. Then tell us which beaches you think are WORSE than Bondi.
Bondi Beach turns on the heat to remain the place of cool. Picture: File

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